Godrej Whitefield in Bangalore

Godrej Budigere: Location and Connectivity in Whitefield, Bangalore

Godrej Budigere in Whitefield, Bangalore

When it comes to finding the perfect home, one of the key considerations is undoubtedly the location. In the bustling city of Bangalore, where every corner tells a unique story, Godrej Budigere emerges as a beacon of modern living seamlessly integrated with its surroundings. Situated strategically in close proximity to Godrej Whitefield and the historic Bengal Lamp Factory, Godrej Budigere stands as a testament to the commitment of Godrej Properties in Bangalore.

Connectivity Hub: Budigere Cross Unveiled

At the heart of Godrej Budigere lies Budigere Cross, a location that boasts seamless connectivity to arterial highways such as Old Madras Road, Whitefield Hoskote Road, and Budigere Road. These well-maintained roads serve as lifelines, offering residents swift access to major IT parks that define Bangalore's tech landscape.

The roads radiating from Budigere Cross form a well-connected network, seamlessly linking Godrej Budigere to major IT hubs in Bangalore. These include ITPL, Bearys Global Research Triangle, Brigade Signature Towers, RMZ Infinity, EPIP Zone, KIADB, Manyata Tech Park, Brigade Tech Park, Mind Comp Tech Park, Prestige Shanthiniketan, Sattva Knowledge Court, Embassy Tech Village, Prestige Cessna Business Park, and Bagmane SEZ. This extensive connectivity not only reduces commuting time but also opens up abundant opportunities for both work and recreation.

Table: Seamless Transport and Road Connectivity



Approximate Time

Whitefield Metro Station

9.2 km

18 min

Whitefield Railway Station

7.3 km

14 min

KR Puram Railway Station

10 km

18 min


27 km

40 min

Godrej Budigere: Road Connectivity Grid

  • Old Madras Road: The lifeline of Budigere, providing direct access and facilitating swift travel.
  • Whitefield-Hoskote Road: A 2 km stretch connecting key areas, reducing commute time to a mere 4 minutes.
  • Hope Farm Junction: Positioned at 9.8 km, it acts as a crucial juncture, making travel time just 14 minutes.
  • KR Puram: A significant 6.5 km away, ensuring a quick 10-minute commute.
  • Whitefield Main Road: At a distance of 11 km, this road takes just 15 minutes, making it easily accessible.

The strategic location of Godrej Budigere ensures that residents are not just buying a home but investing in a lifestyle enriched by convenience and connectivity.

In conclusion, Godrej Budigere is not just a residential complex; it's a lifestyle choice that prioritizes location and connectivity, making it a perfect abode for those who seek the perfect balance between work and life. As Godrej Properties continues to redefine the real estate landscape in Bangalore, Godrej Budigere stands as a shining example of the company's commitment to delivering homes that offer more than just living spaces—they offer a way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Godrej Budigere an ideal location in Bangalore?

A: Godrej Budigere's ideal location lies in its connectivity hub, Budigere Cross. Situated near Godrej Whitefield and the historic Bengal Lamp Factory, it offers seamless access to major IT parks, ensuring a perfect blend of work and leisure.

Q: How is the road connectivity around Godrej Budigere?

A: The road connectivity around Godrej Budigere is exceptional. With proximity to Old Madras Road, Whitefield-Hoskote Road, and Budigere Road, residents enjoy swift access to IT hubs like ITPL, Manyata Tech Park, and Brigade Tech Park.

Q: What are the transportation options available near Godrej Budigere?

A: Godrej Budigere is strategically located with convenient access to key transportation hubs. The Whitefield Metro Station, Whitefield Railway Station, KR Puram Railway Station, and the Airport are all within a reasonable distance, ensuring hassle-free travel.

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